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The H2Oxidizer™

Just about every water filter ever made has a disclosure that reads "for disinfected water only".  Even the small filter in the refrigerator has this disclosure.  Hydrogen peroxide is the sterilizer of choice for many rural property owners relying on a water well.  Hydrogen peroxide produces no toxic residuals and no odor...just water and oxygen, that's it!

Hydrogen peroxide is also a very effective "oxidizer", meaning that it changes dissolved iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide gas into a solid, manageable form so that your filtration and softening systems work much more efficiently.

Before treating your water, we will need to know some things.  The first is the quality of your water.  It is impossible to treat water effectively until we know what is in it.  

Hydrogen peroxide injection is the first step in conditioning your water for further treatment.  This is our specialty but we can also help you in deciding upon filtration, softening etc. depending upon the severity of the problems and of course your expectations and budget.  We will never advise you to purchase something you don't need.

All the components we use in the H2Oxidizer are NSF Certified and/or medical grade.  We take your water very seriously, so we ensure that all products are of the absolute highest quality.  Other configurations are available.

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