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*Water Testing and Analysis

We will perform a water test for you at no charge in Victoria and adjacent counties. This is a basic test which includes Total Dissolved Solids, Iron, Hardness and pH. We will look for symptoms like white calcium scale, iron deposits, signs of bacteria and sulfur odor to establish the source of your problem. We highly recommend purchasing a comprehensive water test to look for other contaminants like arsenic and uranium, both of which are found naturally in our local water sands. 

*Water Treatment

The heart of most of our systems is the H2Oxidizer™ Residential Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System. Similar to the now obsolete "chlorinator", this treatment oxidizes ferrous iron (clear water iron), manganese and hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) so that it can be filtered and removed. It also sterilizes iron bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria and all other odor-causing bacteria which may be lingering in your water well. Hydrogen peroxide releases only water and oxygen, produces no toxic residuals and no odor. We are proud to be the original developer of the H2Oxidizer™, and being a part of an ever-evolving industry.


The next step is filtration. Is the water hard with calcium? If so, a softener may be necessary. If iron or H2S are the problem-causers, then other filtration may be necessary. Again, the level of contaminants dictate how much filtration should be installed, and of course your budget and personal preferences.

Other issues may also be involved like acidity in the water, sulfates, sodium and chlorides. These things all need to be identified and addressed in the analysis phase, so that proper treatment can be installed to condition the water to your expectations. Its YOUR water! You deserve it YOUR way!

Contact us today so we may help you fix your water problem!

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